Tree Renews

April 15, 2018

In just six days, with the help of many supportive donors, Tree Reading Series has surpassed 50% of its fundraising goal to #HelpTreeGrow. What’s more, thanks to those donors, Tree has raised $2500 in donations of at least $25. This means that at the end of Tree’s GoFundMe campaign, an anonymous supporter will make an additional $2500 donation to Tree (matching the first $2500 in donations of at least $25).

Tree’s board of directors wants to thank you: for taking the time to share the link to the campaign on social media over the past few days; for sharing information about Tree and the campaign with your friends and family; and for your donations.

The direct result of your generosity is that Tree Reading Series will be able to continue its programming through June and to begin planning for the 2018-2019 season. That said, the board of directors has had to make some difficult decisions to make this possible.

At least for the remainder of the current season, Tree has had to limit the honoraria it offers to out-of-town readers to $125 (the League of Canadian Poets’ recommended amount for a joint reading), whereas Tree has tried in the past to offer larger honoraria when funding permitted. Noting that out-of-town readers typically incur additional expenses for travel and accommodation, the board was determined to ensure that those readers were remunerated for their appearance at Tree. Local poets scheduled for the rest of the current season have kindly agreed to donate their reading honoraria to Tree or to postpone their readings until a later date when Tree has secured adequate funding for their honoraria. The board recognizes the importance of compensating all artists for their work, and our goal is to plan a 2018-2019 season that allows Tree to meet that commitment.

Effective the beginning of April through June 2018, Tree suspended its popular pre-reading Seed Workshops. In the short-term, Tree could not continue to offer a $100 honorarium to facilitators, who typically spend several hours preparing for their workshops. These workshops – a sort of open university for poets, especially those who are newer to the craft – are a key part of Tree’s contribution to the development of poetry in Ottawa, and the board is working hard to bring them back in fall 2018.

While Tree’s board of directors are not compensated in any way for their work, Tree has traditionally offered an honorarium of $125 per quarter to the two volunteers who help manage Tree’s social media and coordinate Tree’s workshops. Those volunteers have agreed to waive the honoraria while Tree strengthens its finances. Similarly, Tree’s website designer/technician has donated his services to maintain Tree's website (typically several hundred dollars for a calendar year) for 2018.

Tree’s board is also reviewing venue costs and Tree’s funding model, to identify opportunities in the coming season to ensure Tree’s ongoing stability.

In sum, while Tree’s board has been working hard over the past few weeks to keep Tree going, there remains much work to do. As the board begins planning the 2018-2019 season, we are continuing the GoFundMe campaign to reinforce Tree’s finances and meet the overall campaign goal of $5000. Please continue to spread the word – on social media, by email, or any means, with your friends, family, and fellow poets – and help us #HelpTreeGrow.

April 11, 2018

On April 10, 2018, Tree Reading Series launched a GoFundMe campaign to strengthen Tree’s finances, while continuing operations and planning for Tree’s 2018-2019 season.

Tree’s annual general meeting on March 18, 2018, appointed a new eight-person volunteer board of directors. The new board took stock of Tree’s financial situation and concluded that, due to issues including increased costs, the timing of grant receipts, and the importance of replenishing Tree’s contingency fund, there was a need for immediate action.

While work on developing Tree's new strategic plan is ongoing, the board has already made several adjustments to the current season to reduce short-term costs, including cancelling all spring 2018 pre-reading workshops. The board will continue to provide updates on this plan as the details are confirmed.

With its GoFundMe campaign, Tree's board is appealing directly to the Ottawa and Canadian literary communities for their support to allow Tree to continue its programming over the next three months and to begin planning for the 2018-2019 season, while helping Tree prepare for the future.

Please consider sharing the link to Tree’s GoFundMe campaign on social media or by other means with anyone who might be interested in contributing. If you would prefer to make a donation offline or help in some other way, please email Tree at and a board member will be in touch.

Tree—one of Canada’s longest-running literary events

April 4, 2018

TREE’s 2018 annual general meeting on March 18 appointed a new 8-person board of directors — Dorian Bell and Jean Van Loon (co-Artistic Directors), Elanor Boyle-Stanley (Treasurer), Claire Farley (Grants Coordinator), Chris Johnson (TREE Chapbook Coordinator), Natalie Leduc, Scott Lemoine (Secretary), and Jamie MacPherson.

The new board took stock of TREE’s financial situation and concluded that, due to issues including increased costs, the timing of grant receipts, and the importance of replenishing TREE’s contingency fund, there was a need for immediate action to strengthen TREE’s finances while continuing operations and planning for TREE’s 2018-2019 season. These actions will include an Indiegogo fundraising campaign and adjustments to TREE’s near-term programming. Further information about the Indiegogo campaign will be released April 10.

TREE’s annual expenses for eighteen readings are more than $23,000, of which 60% to 75% goes directly to poets for readings and contests. Another 10% goes toward workshops. Other expenses include venue costs, insurance, creating a video library of readings on YouTube, and maintaining TREE’s website.

Most of TREE’s revenues come from city, provincial and federal grants. Only 6% comes from donations by our audience at readings.

The Board intends to continue its review of fundraising and program options, consistent with fulfilling TREE’s mandate to support the diversity of poets and poetry in Ottawa through readings, development opportunities, and a supportive poetry community. Bring your suggestions to any board member or to TREE’s email box (, and stay tuned for announcements in the coming weeks and months.

TREE—one of Canada’s longest-running literary events