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August 22, 2019
Featured Reader

Arianna Verbree

A gripping performer of poetry rooted in music and truth
Arianna Verbree is a musician, poet, and performer. She holds a M.Mus from the University of Akron, and a Certificate in Performance in Early Music from the University of Toronto. Throughout her postsecondary education in music, Arianna continually focused on finding ways to explain complicated concepts in meaningful, relatable ways. Much of her poetry comes from that same essential desire - to connect ideas that seem disparate, but are closer than they appear when given a different perspective. Arianna’s poem, “Famous Monsters”, was first published in the Renaissance Press anthology, We Shall Be Monsters, edited by Derek Newman-Stille. Arianna currently lives in Ottawa, which she uses a base of operations as she performs music and poetry across the region.