Tuesday, October 9

Domenica Martinello + Quatuor Gualuor

Domenica Martinello

All day she dreams about sirens.
Domenica Martinello is the author of the forthcoming book of poetry All Day I Dream About Sirens (Coach House Books 2019). She was a finalist for the 2017 Bronwen Wallace Award for Emerging Writers, the winner of the carte blanche 3Macs award, and the recipient of the Deena Davidson Friedman Prize for Poetry from the Iowa Writers' Workshop. Recent writing has appeared in Poetry Northwest, THIS Magazine, The Globe & Mail, Canadian Notes & Queries, Vallum, PRISM International, Lemon Hound, and elsewhere. Martinello holds an MFA in poetry from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and lives in Montréal.
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Quatuor Gualuor

Vocal entertainabilities for audiential audiation
the Quatuor Gualuor is an Ottawaän repertoire sound poetry ensemble dedicated to providing optional vocal entertainabilities for your audiential audiation. it is ordinarily a quintet directed by cultural factotum/artcop jwcurry & has existed with a variety of personnel since 2oo7, currently consisting of Conyer Clayton, curry, nina jane drystek, Chris Johnson & Alastair Larwill, with occasional auxiliary. repertoire includes works by Antonin Artaud, Hugo Ball, Four Horsemen, Owen Sound, Mike Patton, Frank Zappa & members of the band. "Now That's sound poetry as it Should Be performed" –Richard Truhlar at Intermission, "MESSAGIO GALORE take IX", Toronto 2o12
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