Tuesday, October 11

Joe Denham + Vanessa Shields

Joe Denham

Joe Denham sails and wins things, like the 2016 Canadian Authors Association award for poetry

Joe Denham is the author of Flux, Windstorm, The Year of Broken Glass and Regeneration Machine which won the 2016 Canadian Authors Association award for poetry. His work has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies including Breathing Fire 2: Canada’s New Poets He lives with his wife and two children in Halfmoon Bay, BC.

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Vanessa Shields

Vanessa Shields is a force of joy and raw energy and here with her third poetry collection

Shields' poetry has been deemed raw, unapologetic, comedic and powerfully feminist. Her new book, Look At Her (Black Moss Press) launches in September in Windsor, and Shields will adventure on a small but mighty book tour in the fall and winter. This is her third publication with Black Moss Press. Her first, a memoir entitled Laughing Through A Second Pregnancy, and her second, a poetry book entitled I Am That Woman have sold well, I Am That Woman going into its fourth printing. An avid member of the League of Canadian Poets and the Writers' Union of Canada, Shields loves to give her time and energy as a member of juries and committees. When's she not working on her writing career, she hosts a storytelling series she created called Mouth Piece Storytelling. She lives, loves and writes in Windsor with her family who indulge her passion for stories, chocolate and piles of paper and books everywhere in the house.

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