Tuesday, September 12

Kateri Lanthier + Monty Reid + Ramon Sepúlveda

Kateri Lanthier

Lanthier's new poems draw on the ghazal's history as love poetry, remind readers of the dangerous, alluring quality of the ancient form.
Kateri Lanthier’s poems have appeared recently in The Fiddlehead, Event, Hazlitt, Green Mountains Review, Literary Review of Canada, Matrix, PoetrySky (translated into Chinese by Anna Yin), Arc, and Best Canadian Poetry 2014. She won the 2013 Walrus Poetry Prize. She won third prize in the London-based 2016 Troubadour International Poetry competition. She is Adjunct Professor, MA in English in the Field of Creative Writing at the University of Toronto. Her first collection is Reporting from Night (Iguana, 2011). Her second is Siren (Signal Editions, Véhicule Press, 2017).
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Monty Reid

If there's a glue that holds Literary Ottawa together, Reid is in the horse hooves.
Monty Reid is an Ottawa writer. His most recent book is Meditatio Placentae (Brick). His mis-translation of Nicolas Guillen's El Gran Zoo forms the basis of an exhibition at Ingrid Mueller Art + Concepts in Fredericton this fall, featuring the work of celebrated New Brunswick artist Suzanne Hill. Other recent projects include his long work on life next to Canada's spy agencies, Intelligence, and his celebration of parasites human and otherwise, Host. He is the Director of VerseFest, Ottawa's International Poetry Festival, and Managing Editor of Arc Poetry Magazine.
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Ramon Sepúlveda

Ramon Sepúlveda, a poet in his own right, he’s translating Monty Reid’s upcoming collection
Ramon Sepúlveda, born in Chile, lives in Ottawa, Canada since 1974. His short stories and poems have been published in many anthologies in Canada, the USA, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Chile. He published in English the book of short stories Red Rock in Ottawa, and its Spanish version in Chile. One of his stories appears in the text book for teaching English as a second language: Pens of Many Colours, published by Seneca College. Toronto, 1998. He recently (2016) published the book of short stories,A tres manos with Roxana Orué and Carlos A. Torres. In 2017 he published poems in the anthology Minificciones Ilustradas, Brevilla, and a short story in the anthology Canadografía
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