Tuesday, February 13

Marta Singh + Ayesha Chatterjee

Ayesha Chatterjee

The lyrical poetry from lake-gazer Ayesha Chatterjee is replete with surprising and beautiful imagery.
Ayesha Chatterjee’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in journals across the globe including The Missing Slate (Pakistan), The Moth (Ireland), CV2 (Canada) and elsewhere as well as being featured by the (Great) Indian Poetry Collective and on the official website of Canada’s Parliamentary Poet Laureate, George Elliott Clarke. Her second poetry collection, Bottles and Bones, was published by Calgary-based Bayeux Arts in 2017. Chatterjee is past president of the League of Canadian Poets.
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Marta Singh

A member of Ottawa Storyteller’s Marta Singh will share Naked Narrative, a poetically naughty story about building character through the beauty of the blackbird.
Born and raised in Argentina, Marta is renowned for the skill of her crafting, her poetic use of language, her unique expressiveness and her passion of presence. Her one-woman shows lend language, body and voice to what comes forth when universal folklore and literature cross paths with personal narrative. Marta performs in English and Spanish across South and North America. Off the stage, she ardently facilitates her art to awaken the power of story as a transformative thinking tool and as a language capable of distilling experience and information into utterly memorable, meaningful narrative.
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