Tuesday, April 23

Rachael Simpson + Rachel McCrum

Rachael Simpson

Ottawa poet extraordinaire shares some new work.
Rachael Simpson’s poetry has been published in Canada and the United States. Her chapbook Eiderdown was published by Apt. 9 Press in 2012, and she was also featured in the anthology Five (2014).
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Rachel McCrum

A terrific performer and poet awakens women degenerate.
Rachel McCrum is a poet, performer, workshop facilitator, and platform builder. Originally from Northern Ireland, she lived in Edinburgh, Scotland between 2010 and 2016. She was the first BBC Scotland Poet-in-Residence, and Broad of cult spoken word cabaret Rally amp; Broad. She has taught and performed in Greece, South Africa, Haiti, and Canada, and toured her first book, The First Blast To Awaken Women Degenerate (Freight Books), across Ireland, Scotland and England in 2017. She was the co-founder of Stewed Rhubarb Press (Callum MacDonald Award 2012), an original founding member of spoken word collective SHIFT/ (Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016), and co-editor of online magazine All These New Relations. She is delighted to call Montreal home, where she delights in raccoons and despairs of the weather. She is Administrative Director of Mile End Poets' Festival, and the director of Les Cabarets Bâtards.
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