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October 9, 2018
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Quatuor Gualuor

Vocal entertainabilities for audiential audiation
the Quatuor Gualuor is an Ottawaän repertoire sound poetry ensemble dedicated to providing optional vocal entertainabilities for your audiential audiation. it is ordinarily a quintet directed by cultural factotum/artcop jwcurry & has existed with a variety of personnel since 2oo7, currently consisting of Conyer Clayton, curry, nina jane drystek, Chris Johnson & Alastair Larwill, with occasional auxiliary. repertoire includes works by Antonin Artaud, Hugo Ball, Four Horsemen, Owen Sound, Mike Patton, Frank Zappa & members of the band. "Now That's sound poetry as it Should Be performed" –Richard Truhlar at Intermission, "MESSAGIO GALORE take IX", Toronto 2o12